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A Few Images from Our Past

WFWS Archives

The archives of WFWS are housed at the J. Willard Marriott Library of the University of Utah in the Manuscripts Division of Special Collections. You may visit the archives in person: 295 South 1500 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112. You can also access digitized materials on their website at this link: http://bit.ly/WFWSarchives

If particular research is necessary in printed materials, please contact the archivist by clicking the button.

1. Albuquerque, NM NMWS 1976 Millard Sheets and Pat Berger
2. Tucson, AZ SAWG 1977 Morris Shubin and Eileen Monaghan Whitaker
3. Houston, TX WAS-H 1978 Alexander Ross and Lee Weiss
4. San Antonio, TX SaAWG 1979 Glenn Bradshaw and George Shook
5. Lubbock, TX WTWS 1980 Jo Taylor and Tony van Hasselt
6. Corpus Christi, TX WSST 1981 Millard Sheets and Barbara Nechis
7. Phoenix, AZ AWA 1982 Maxine Masterfield and Rex Brandt
8. San Diego, CA SCWS 1983 E.J. Velardi and Pat Berger
9. Albuquerque, NM NMWS 1984 Millard Sheets and Charles Reid
10. Tubac, AZ SAWG 1985 Glen Bradshaw and Fran Larsen
11. Houston, TX WAS-H 1986 Alesander Ross, Dorothy Hood & Katherine C. Liu
12. San Antonio, TX SaAWS 1987 Ed Reep and Tom Nicholas
13. Tucson, AZ SAWG 1988 Sondra Feckelton and Peggy Brown
14. Lubbock, TX WTWS 1989 Mario Cooper and Tom Lynch
15. El Cajon, CA SDWS 1990 Rolland Golder and Sylvia Glass
16. Corpus Christi, TX WSST 1991 Virginia Cobb and Keith Crown
17. Albuquerque, NM NMWS 1992 Carole Barnes and Marbury Brown
18. Dallas, TX SWS 1993 Don Getz
19. Phoenix, AZ AWA 1994 Edward Reep
20. Houston, TX WAS-H 1995 Virginia Cobb
21. San Antonio, TX SaAWS 1996 Serge Hollerbach
22. Tucson, AZ SAWG 1997 Jim Kosvanec
23. Lubbock, TX WTWS 1998 Katherine Chang Liu
24. San Diego, CA SDWS 1999 Timothy Clark
25. Houston, TX WAS-H 2000 Signature Members Only Show
26. Salt Lake City, UT UWS 2001 Gerald Brommer
27. Albuquerque, NM NMWS 2002 Barbara Nechis and Christopher Schink
28. Las Vegas, NV NVWS 2003 Fran Larson
29. Irving, TX SWS 2004 Dean Mitchell
30. Surprise, AZ AWA 2005 Stephen Quiller
31, Lubbock, TX WTWS 2006 George James
32. Arvada, CO CWS 2007 John Salminen
33. Tubac, AZ SAWG 2008 Katherine Chang Liu
34. San Diego, CA SDWS 2009 Robert Burridge
35. Salt Lake City, UT UWS 2010 Carla O’Conner
36. Albuquerque, NM NMWS 2011 Dale Laitinen
37. Las Vegas, NV NVWS 2012 Gerald Brommer
38. Irving, TX SWS 2013 Mark Mehaffey
39. Fountain Hills, AZ AWA 2014 Cheng-Khee Chee
40. Lubbock, TX WTWS 2015 Linda Baker
41. Arvada, CO CWS 2016 Sterling Edwards
42. Eugene, OR WSO 2017 Jeannie McGuire
43. Tucson, AZ SAWG 2018 Ted Nuttall
44. San Diego, CA SDWS 2019 Kathleen Conover