Current Exhibition – WFWS44 Exhibition

The Waters Edge

WFWS 44th Annual Exhibition • May 1 – May 31, 2019

at the San Diego Watercolor Society

Juror: Kathleen Conover, AWS, NWS, ISEA, TWSA

Venue: SDWS was established in 1965. With more than 600 members, it is one of the largest and most active watercolor societies in the U.S. The SDWS gallery is located in the historic Naval Training Center or what is now known as Liberty Station, after decommissioning and returning it to the city of San Diego.

Important Dates

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 – Exhibition Opens

Friday, May 3, 2019 – First Friday Reception 5 – 8:00 pm – open to the public

Sat. May 4, 2019 – Awards dinner 5:30 pm at the Courtyard by Marriot in San Diego Old Town (ticked event)

Fri. May 31, 2019 – Exhibition Closes

WFWS44 Juror – Kathleen Conover

For questions about the current exhibit contact Ralph Kingery:

Accepted Artist List

SOCIETY Last Name First Name TITLE
SDWS Alfery Christine Golden Nuggets
AWA Amsellen David Le Chant de l’amour
SWS Archer Michael Pinto
UWS Baron Joyce Unrestrained
SDWS Bartlett Nell The Beginning
SDWS Bashant Gordon Halos in Balboa Park
SDWS Becker Marnie Cafe de St. Germaine
SWS Belan Woo-Siy Kaleidoscope
SDWS Berwick Beverly Falconer
WTWS Blevins Betty A Master Potter
NMWS Brinkley-Hill Joy Twelve Tomatoes
AWA Burruss Lynda Circleville
SWS Carlson Dave Chicago Salute
WSO Cheney-Parr Leslie Puy 6, September Warmth
NMWS Collis David Out of the Past
SWS Dale Bill Alicia and the Botticelli
NMWS Darden Antonio Ghost Ranch
SWS Davis Walt Who Called This Meeting
SDWS Detrick John No Fishing From Ramp
AWA Diaz Candice Air Power Muse
SDWS Dispenziere Patricia The Play of Light XVI
AWA Droge Marion Don’t Walk
SDWS Dubuque Carolyn Tea For Three
IWS Duffin Joanne Old School
NMWS Duncan Woody Texting Home
SDWS Dyer Roberta A Condition of Existence
WSO Eisenbart Rene She’s Golden
CWS Ekblad Steve Trees and Shadows
SDWS Erickson Robin Key West Window
WSO Eyer Alexandra Carnelian
IWS Galligher Renee Calle de Perro
SAWG Garrison Dennis Watching For White Water
SDWS Georgieva Antoaneta Bright
CWS Hale Randy Early Start
AWA Harman Melanie Gators
UWS Hartvigsen Becky Two Pairs and a Spare
SDWS Hayes Helen The Front Parlor
IWS Hayzlett Dennis Port Side Gears
AWA Herbst Nancy Submerged Relic
SDWS Hewitt Susan Emergency Max
SAWG Hillsbery Carole Concentration
SDWS Hock Betty Letting Loose
SWS Holter Michael The Tower
SDWS Janc Judy Fetch
SWS Jary Elaine Bird of Paradise
SWS Jensen Jeffrey St. Paul Station
IWS Johnson Lauren Catching Some Z’s XII
AWA Jones Jeremy Morning Glory
SDWS Juarez Luis San Diego Sky View
SDWS kim jai Ventura Harbor
SWS Kirklin Jessica Rollicking At Rowlett Creek
WTWS Kleman Neal June
WSO Knoll Yvonne I Dare You
UWS Koomees Cara Argentine Tango
UWS Kowalski Mariko Dancing Lotus
SWS Krejci Priscilla Transforming Fire
NMWS Krumel Linda Storm on Tennessee Pass
CWS Lanzoni Kathleen Invitation
SWS LaRue Fred Big Dog
AWA Lemma Tanya Storm
WSO Loyd Debbie Broken
NMWS Maize Steve As Crowds Pass By
SWS Malone Ronald Waiting For Take Out at Aunt Bee’s
CWS McLaughlin Pam Morning Sun
AWA McSweeney Carol Tightrope
IWS Merkley Anne Indian Chief
SDWS Mettler Marion Seated No. 6
WSO Meyer Naomi Moxie
SAWG Morris Susan Old Farmhand
SDWS Moseuk Pat Motion In Space
SWS Myers Donna Don’t Blink
CWS Nebergall Lynn In the Soup
WTWS Newton Dyan Delightful Morning
SDWS Paratore Gay Blow Your Horn, Baby
SWS Paton Greg Rehab
WTWS Peterson Carol Hell Boy
UWS Pfister Roxane Storyteller
CWS Pitts Carol A Man and His Vacation
UWS Ramsey Ian On Capitol Hill
WSO Raphael Mila Hotel Eliott
SWS Revino Gwen Pelicans In The Sun
SDWS Reynolds Colleen Red and Blue, All Living Life in Peace
AWA Root Pamela Path Through the Lotus Jungle
SDWS Rouse Charles Henry Amalfi Slows
SDWS Salazar Ana Laura Guardian Soul
SAWG Sapp Barry Sacred Headdress
WTWS Schubert Annalee Girl With Orange Hair
IWS Seale Lori Li’l Derby Dreamer
IWS Sessions Michael Medevac
NMWS Siegrist Marie Oregon Smoke & Bear Grass
SDWS Sorrentino Vita Vantage Point
WSO Stermer-Cox Margaret Three Minute Egg #11
SAWG Sturrock Kitty Prickly Pear Glow
SDWS Swenson Brenda More Than Meets the Eye
SWS Taylor Don Homeless in Lisbon
NMWS Thiele Susan Happy
IWS Tillery Nyla Double the Fun Light
SDWS Tomova Lyudmila New Year Wishes
CWS Trautman Beatrice Guanajuato Alley
UWS Trinnaman-Kimball Paige Jamaican Mama
AWA Underhill Jane Fall Splendor
AWA Valesano Mary Waiting for Wild Turkey
WSO Walker Liz Thoughtful Scholar
AWA Weaver Marilyn The Dome – Edinburgh
WTWS Webb Gale Small Talk
IWS Weston Felicia Odette
WSO Whitman Alisha Living Springs
AWA Wilson Norman Gypsy
CWS Winter Anita Simple Times
UWS Wisecup Sandra The Boss
SDWS Woods Bonnie Hare of the Moonless Sky